Slide to Unlock

We worry that technology is making our children antisocial and unaware of the miraculous, colorful world they live in. But for the 1 in 68 children with autism, this is already their reality. The iTaalk Autism Foundation was created to help. Scientific evidence proves iPads help children with autism learn to communicate, connect and live more independently. For these children, technology isn’t jeopardizing childhood. It’s unlocking it.

The following campaign won two One Show merits for both print & integrated categories.


iTaalk takes over Apple stores, where each device features a child with the Slide to Unlock bar. When a customer unlocks a device, a message appears.

Slide to Unlock iPad point of purchase display
Slide to Unlock point of purchase

Facebook users apply the Slide to Unlock bar to their faces to create awareness and show support. For every 1,000 people who apply the Slide to Unlock bar, iTaalk donates an iPad to a child with autism.

Slide to Unlock Facebook awareness

Slide to Unlock stickers are placed on murals and street art featuring children.