Slide to Unlock

We worry that technology is making our children antisocial and unaware of the miraculous, colorful world they live in. But for the 1 in 68 children with autism, this is already their reality. The iTaalk Autism Foundation was created to help. Scientific evidence proves iPads help children with autism learn to communicate, connect and live more independently. For these children, technology isn’t jeopardizing childhood. It’s unlocking it.

The following campaign won two One Show merits for both print & integrated categories.


iTaalk takes over Apple stores, where each device features a child with the Slide to Unlock bar. When a customer unlocks a device, a message appears.

Slide to Unlock iPad point of purchase display
Slide to Unlock point of purchase

Facebook users apply the Slide to Unlock bar to their faces to create awareness and show support. For every 1,000 people who apply the Slide to Unlock bar, iTaalk donates an iPad to a child with autism.

Slide to Unlock Facebook awareness

Slide to Unlock stickers are placed on murals and street art featuring children.



    nabi, a kid’s technology company, makes tablets, activity bands, tech accessories, and toys.

    nabi partnered with DreamWorks to create Morpho Pods, featuring characters from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. These are for nabi’s Black Friday and Cyber Week campaigns.
    A happy Thanksgiving message to the nabi community.

      Dr. Bronner’s

      Cosmetic brands deceive their consumers. They claim their products are natural when they’re not. The FDA has not set definitions for the word natural and brands are taking advantage of the consumer’s unawareness. Dr. Bronner’s is different: what’s on the label accurately reflects what’s in the bottle.

      Users scan a cosmetic product’s label to find out whether or not it contains harmful ingredients, and what effects those ingredients can have on the body.

      bronner's lie detector app

      Kiosks that function in the same way the app does will be featured in select retail locations.

      bronner's lie detector kiosk

      Peelable labels with alternative uses for ‘fake natural’ products will be featured in beauty and health magazines.

      bronner's stickers

      When consumers Google anything with the word “natural” and/or “organic,” rotating banners will appear.

      bronner's web banner


        The party stops if you’re dead. Stay safe to keep the party going. Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) wants to help you keep the fun alive.

        sadd beer label
        sadd banner
        sadd app


          A lot of young people live with a mismatched, haphazard aesthetic. This results from years of acquiring home furnishings from yard sales, family members and sometimes the street. It’s unnecessary and at a certain age, it’s inappropriate. IKEA offers stylish home furnishings at prices young people can afford. IKEA – Get it together.


          Fake Craigslist ads deliver messages instead of used furniture.


          Bait couches are planted in urban areas.


          “Get it Together Trucks” are sent to targeted neighborhoods to collect peoples’ old home furnishings. In exchange, participants receive virtual coupons for the corresponding item(s) they choose to discard. All discarded items are recycled into new IKEA furniture.



            Any competition can be emotionally charged. The American Advertising Awards (AAA) are no different. There are so many creatives packed in a venue biting their fingernails. From elation to rage, let’s celebrate the gamut of emotions that surface.

            The following work received a bronze Addy Award for Integrated Campaigns – B-to-B Local.

            show us your aaa face poster
            How the hell does she keep winning poster
            I'm drunk poster


              No cuts. No color. Just blowouts. That’s Drybar. The brand has many imitators, none nearly as good as Drybar itself. Drybar’s product line was featured on

              drybar product packaging
              drybar styling product packagingall drybar products
              drybar store barricade
              drybar northpark email

                UC Irvine Health

                UC Irvine Health is a hospital renowned by U.S. News and World Report. The medical center is also a comprehensive teaching hospital.

                UC Irvine Health icons

                  Various design work

                  grizzly bear poster